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As one of Asheville NC’s leading arborist, Bailey Tree Preservation has been providing quality tree service through out Western North Carolina since 2007. With the mission of providing excellence in tree services to our clients, we have been successful in advancing the understanding and profile of proper arboriculture in our part of North Carolina.
Owner Ian Bailey has 12 years experience in the tree service industry. He has been an arborist fo overr 8 years. As a professional Arborist he is constantly building upon an already solid foundation of skill and knowledge that he uses to best educate and meet client needs in the community. His commitment to operating within the production standards of the ISA places him among the best tree professionals in the industry.

Asheville Full Service Tree Care

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We offer a full range of tree services including: tree cutter service, tree stump removal, corrective pruning, hazard abatement, structural support, disease diagnosis and treatment, pest control, Hemlock woolly adelgid control, tree removal, storm damage, and tree planting. We specialize in proper care and maintenance of mature trees, using proven methods developed by the ISA, arboricultural industry, and the research community. Our adherence to these methods allow our clients to trust that they are getting a valuable service, and that their trees will be properly cared for. We are proud that preservation is our priority With proper tree pruning, disease or pest diagnosis and treatment, and client education we can often save a tree that was thought to be unsaveable. Not all trees however, are preservable, and our experience in hazardous tree removal can be trusted to safely, and neatly remove even the largest of trees.

Asheville Commercial Tree Service

We are particularly well suited for tree care on the commercial landscape. It is often not advisable for a property manager to rely on the landscape maintenance firm that cuts the grass to maintain the trees on a commercial property. Asheville has strict commercial tree care ordinances that regulate tree maintenance practices. Improper pruning can be penalized with fines, and costly replacement requirements for all cited trees. We are familiar with these ordinances, and experienced in proper pruning and care of parking lot trees, buffer trees, street trees, and ornamental shrubbery. We are flexible with scheduling to minimize impact to the business operations

We are experienced with golf course tree maintenance, and storm damage cleanup/ repair. Ian Bailey has worked with several golf courses over the years to provide contract tree services.

Pre and Post Construction Consultation

Pre and post construction consultation is also a focus of our efforts. We understand that a lot of damage to urban trees is caused by construction activities that stress the roots. Our consultation services can help contractors, homeowners, and developers maximize the survival rate of remaining trees by establishing proper practices during the construction process. There is also much that can be done after stress has manifested from previous construction injuries. We frequently work with clients to improve the health of trees damaged by construction.

Tree Care and Property Value Benefits

Realtors, appraisers, and educated home buyers understand that proper tree care and maintained mature landscapes can increase property values by as much as double digit percentages. Professional tree and landscape care is a prudent investment for maintaining and increasing property values. Improperly pruned, diseased, or hazardous trees increase liability and decrease property value and desirability.

Hemlock Specialists:

Our methods of controlling hemlock woolly adelgid are proven effective. Systemic pesticide treatments are safe, long lasting, and affordable. Most applications last 4 years. Ideally applied in the spring and fall, these treatments provide complete extermination of the pest while preventing it’s return for years. We use application methods that protect pets, children, our watershed. Even the most ravaged trees can be saved with an effective treatment regimen of pest control, irrigation, and fertilizer.

Our reputation is built on knowledge, skill, honesty, dependability, and safety.

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Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Specialists
Spring is an ideal time to treat hemlocks for woolly adelgids.
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