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Full Range of Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Asheville tree service
We work with clients to determine a proper course of action for maintaining their mature trees and landscape in the best possible health and aesthetic. The mature landscape is a very important exterior feature of a property in terms of overall energy efficiency, curb apeal, and aesthetic.

We also help improve existing landscapes by selecting appropriate species and placement of new specimens that will mature with maximum benefit to the property and minimum maintenance.


  • Crown cleaning (removal of deadwood)
  • Crown thinning (15-20% live tissue removal)
  • Crown restoration: (incremental selective pruning to correct previously poor trim)
  • Crown reduction (selective limb reduction to clear structures or reduce weight)
  • Hazard mitigation (removal of large dead, dying, or broken)
  • Crown restoration: (incremental selective pruning to correct previously poor trim)

Tree Removal

  • Technical removal specialists
  • Experienced in large tree removal from sensitive sites
  • Extensive crane experience to maximize safety and minimize impact to landscape

Structural Support

  • Cabling (static cabling, and dynamic support systems available)
  • Bracing
  • Anchor/ guy wire support

Disease diagnosis/ treatment (Plant heath care)

  • Experienced in plant pathogen diagnosis
  • Familiar with environmental/ cultural effects that cause tree decline
  • NC certified applicator of plant healthcare solutions (including: treatments for Hemlock woolly adelgid, aphids, Dutch Elm disease, and many other insect and fungal pathogens)


  • Experienced in providing developers and homeowners professional consulting services including: hazard assessments, tree inventories, and tree preservation plans.
  • All consulting services submitted as a written report.

Consultation is an important part our service. Our experience and credentials help many clients with issues ranging from simple curiosity in the home landscape to serious litigation. Developers rely on us to minimize damage to existing trees during the construction process by creating preservation plans that outline practices for the designers, contractors, ans subs during the project. We can help mitigate conflicts with neighbors over trees. We offer written opinions and reports when required by municipalities, homeowner associations, or architectural review boards. We are available to assist clients and their attornies in legal maters as they pertain to trees.

Planting/ transplanting

  • Species selection for new planting
  • Full instalation services

Storm cleanup/ emergency service

Free chips/ mulch

Debris cleanup/ recycling

Commercial Tree service

We are particularly well suited to maintain trees on the commercial landscape. It is often not advisable for a property manager to rely on the landscape maintenance firm that cuts the grass to maintain the trees on a commercial property. Asheville has strict commercial tree care ordinances that regulate tree maintenance practices. Improper pruning can be penalized with fines, and costly replacement requirements for all cited trees. We are familiar with these ordinances, and experienced in proper pruning and care of parking lot trees, buffer trees, street trees, and ornamental shrubbery. We are flexible with scheduling to minimize impact to the business operations

We also offer larger scale tree installations for commercial developments including: planing ordinance compliance, species selection, placement, installation services, and regular maintenance.

We are experienced with golf course tree maintenance, and storm damage cleanup/ repair. Ian Bailey has worked with several golf courses over the years to provide contract tree services.

Our reputation is built on knowledge, skill, honesty, dependability, and safety.

Asheville arborist

Arborist – Tree Service
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  • Tree Removal

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Certified Arborists

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Specialists
Spring is an ideal time to treat hemlocks for woolly adelgids.
  • Pruning
  • Removals
  • Structural Support
  • Disease diagnosis/ treatment (Plant heath care)
  • Consulting
  • Planting/ transplanting
  • Storm cleanup/ emergency service
  • Free chips/ mulch
  • Debris cleanup/ recycling
  • Pre and post construction
  • Hemlock Specialists
Asheville tree care